FIREtrain is a wholly owned Western Australian Company and became a Registered Training Organisation in March 2009. FIREtrain specialises in workplace emergency response and we can deliver Nationally Recognised Training (Accredited) and Non-Accredited training courses at your place of business. Our courses can be customised to meet your specific hazards and risks. All our trainers have attained Certificate IV in Training and Assessing, have real life and industry experience which will benefit you and your staff.

Ask yourself the questions – Do your staff know how to :

Safely and effectively extinguish a fire?

Respond to an emergency?

Evacuate your office or workshop in an emergency?

Choose the right extinguisher for what is burning?

If you couldn’t answer yes to these questions then allow FIREtrain to train your staff on how to react in these emergency situations. During our fire training courses all attendees use real fire fighting equipment to extinguish various fires. This allows hands-on “feel the heat, smell the smoke” and extinguish the fire efficiently and safely experience.